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Too Much Sodium

Sodium pictureExcess sodium in your body can kill you, even if you don’t have high blood pressure. The good news: most of us can reduce our sodium intake without having to eat overly bland food.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in the early 2000’s. Among other things, my doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication, and told me to cut my sodium intake. (Yes, and exercise too. I’m still working on that.) Excess sodium contributes to high blood pressure, and it can also increase the likelihood of some debilitating medical conditions. Although I significantly modified my diet, I still eat plenty of good food and I don’t feel deprived, but my blood pressure numbers are now well within the normal range.
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A Qualified Proposition

Brain of the Sistine Chapel

Image by tj.blackwell via Flickr

The term “qualified knowledge” is my way of characterizing the nature of what we know, and how we can best express that knowledge.

Herewith, a persnickety explanation.

All of our knowledge is qualified; that is, it’s never absolute. (Okay, okay, it’s almost never absolute. No need for a self-referential paradox to complicate things.) Logically speaking, every thing that we know to be true is true only if all the necessary and sufficient conditions (qualifications) that make it true are present.
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