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I Love Movies

Antique cinema poster

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You can call them Movies, Films, Talkies, Motion Pictures, or Cinema. . .um. . .Shows. I love them.

I can’t help it. I find something to appreciate in most of the films I’ve seen. I don’t mean to say that quality writing, directing and acting aren’t to be valued and demanded, but if a film’s creators clearly produced what they intended to, I try to appreciate it on its own terms. No film is perfect.

I especially relish discovering an obscure independent film with an unusual take on a particular theme or production style. I’ve compiled a list of (in my opinion) truly great, mostly obscure films on my Movies page. They present their themes especially well, and their weaknesses are easy to overlook. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing each one multiple times. That, for me, is the ultimate test of a great film.

Take a look at the Movies page.

If Memory Doesn’t Serve. . .

crawling up the mountain

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Have you ever had an experience that you couldn’t remember a short while later, or the next day? I don’t mean anything mystical or abstract, but an actual failure of memory. (I don’t include dreams, because I’m not awake for them, and besides, they’re not real.)

This recently happened to me for the first time. It was unnerving.
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A Qualified Proposition

Brain of the Sistine Chapel

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The term “qualified knowledge” is my way of characterizing the nature of what we know, and how we can best express that knowledge.

Herewith, a persnickety explanation.

All of our knowledge is qualified; that is, it’s never absolute. (Okay, okay, it’s almost never absolute. No need for a self-referential paradox to complicate things.) Logically speaking, every thing that we know to be true is true only if all the necessary and sufficient conditions (qualifications) that make it true are present.
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