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I Graduated It

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Some people say “I graduated high school”; others say “I graduated from high school.” Which is correct?

This was one of those little language posers that nagged at me from time to time. One version has to be wrong, right? I eventually bothered to figure it out, and I feel so much better now. I pass my insight on to you.
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What Is Is the Deal?

Two men talking to one another, word bubbles overlapping picture‘Round about the mid-1990s or so, I started to notice a peculiar phenomenon in the speech patterns of some English speakers.

It began happening more and more often, with an ever-increasing range of speakers. Now it’s a full-blown epidemic which appears to have infected every corner of our society. This is serious, folks, and Something Must Be Done, I tell you! (Or not.)

I speak of the “is is” construction.
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